Instacart has announced they will launch its new grocery pickup service across the US, it is known as click-and-collect which has been on a testing session for a few months and will soon available at stores Nationwide. The service will allow users to place their orders from Instacart and can pick up from the selected retailers.

The pickup option is now available in almost 200 stores and across 25 “key markets” near Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Nashville, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. The main outlets are Wegmans, Aldi, Cub Foods, Food Lion, Price Chopper, Publix, Schnucks, Smart & Final, Sprouts, and Tops Friendly Markets. The purpose of this pickup service is to offer customers more flexibility by allowing them to choose a time to drive by and grab their groceries rather than to wait.

To access the service customers can use Instacart mobile app or website then they have to select city and nearby store. After adding required groceries to your cart you have to choose an option either to a delivery window or pickup window before they check out. If you select to pick up the groceries on your own then you will get an in-app notification when your groceries are ready.

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But that’s not the end here, the customers have to send an in-app notification to their Instacart personal shopper to let them know they are coming to collect. Once the customer arrives, Instacart shoppers or a retailer employee will bring the groceries out to their cars, if the car’s location has been accurately described in the app. The company says this service is only free for its Express members, for non-members a particular cost is involved but Instacart said this cost is less than paying for delivery.

The pickup cost can vary depending on the retailer partner selected, while at this point it has a partnership with more than 300 retailers.

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