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Instagram app is working on a school-based version of Stories which a particular school student can see or contribute to. The code of Instagram school stories shows that it contains a warning sign: ‘School stories are manually reviewed to make sure the community is safe.’ Therefore, you have now take extra care before posting any content.

The code was first discovered by TechCrunch’s top tipster Jane Manchun Wong, for the time being, Instagram has refused to comment on the discovered code, they just only confirm the company is externally and internally testing the feature, and if Instagram ever decides to launch school-based version of Stories it will launch shortly within two to three months.

The most obvious aim behind the feature is to stop bullying content and harassment issues, Also, bullying can be done in many ways like kids from gatherings use inside jokes to uncomfortable people or just purposefully making life look more glamorous than it is. Instagram would then have to develop a way that could decide what content is allowed and what is not.

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In another news from Wong, Instagram is prototyping a URL scheme for Stories so that users can share a direct link to their stories outside of the Instagram. It could prove useful for the bloggers, public figures, and brands trying to build relations with the audience and fed them day-to-day Stories content instead of just feed posts that already have URLs.

Instagram declined to comment on this story as well, On the other hand, Marketers liked the idea of funnel ad clicks and promote their other social profiles to Instagram stories. The company has been already giving users to contribute to public collaborative Stories around locations and hashtags, whereas Facebook just offers them for event and groups. However, the school stories idea might be originated from the Instagram sub-network concept which was started testing last month.

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