Video Loop app TikTok has recently surpassed 6M users last Month in the US, some famous faces have also downloaded the app by making the app in the top spot at Apple store. In 6M users, celebrities are also joining the app which allows people to upload their videos using different tool and variety of filters.

Jimmy Fallon and Tony Hawk have both started using the app to participate in the current trends and to connect masses. Fallon mainly uses Instagram stories to host Live Q&A sessions or post Tonight Show updates, so there is no surprise Jimmy Fallon joining the TikTok app. Fallon show is also widely watched on Youtube Channel we can say that Tiktok is just another platform to engage with the audiences. As per the Tiktok press release, Fallon videos got 10 million views just after he joined.

TikTok increasing number of users is a positive sign of continued growth even in the US where the Facebook app downloading percentage was on top. As per the report of Sensor Tower, a group of researchers analyzed the Mobile market which was released last month suggests that TikTok surpassed more than $1 million in revenue in the US in October.

Whereas Apptopia said TikTok has 29 percent rate of engagement compared with Facebook’s 96 percent, Instagram’s 95 percent, Snapchat’s 95 percent, and YouTube’s 95 percent. Followed by the download rate, TikTok app recorded a Global monthly active user count of 500 million in 150 countries and regions. A certain percentage of the users comes from Music.ly the same app which becomes the part of TikTok earlier this year.

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From the past few weeks, Youtube creators were also talking about the increased number of users and its popularity. Like many news organizations were writing about it, and major ad play on platforms like Tinder and Google where people spend quite a bit of time.

It is the same time when Instagram reached to one billion monthly active users. Well, TikTok surpassed all other groups of apps which previously was on the top like Facebook who is on No. 7 and Messenger on No. 5 as it sits in the No. 4 position. But it’s behind YouTube No. 1, Instagram No. 2 and Snapchat on No. 3 respectively.