According to the Wall Street Journal, the US government is persuading wireless and Internet providers in allied countries to stop using Huawei equipment because of security reasons. Sources said that the US government officials have met the allies in Germany, Japan, Italy and are going to offer financial incentives to countries who will decide not to use any equipment from China.

Earlier this year, the US banned government use of Huawei made equipment and refuse to let retailers sell Huawei Smartphones on military bases. The US government fears that military bases located overseas could be vulnerable to hacking if their internet traffic travels over commercial networks in other countries made by Huawei hardware. The launch of the new 5G network also adds security concerns.

The intelligence agency leaders said they suspect that Huawei or other Chinese companies might be in some kind of under obligation to the Chinese government or ruling communist party which could raise the risk of espionage. Australia has also banned the company from supplying equipment and services for a 5G mobile network.

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The ongoing trade war spearheaded by President Trump have increased the cybersecurity fears. On the other hand, Huawei maintains that it worked independently from its government. One US senator said that “is effectively an arm of the Chinese government.” The heads of FBI, CIA, and NSA all have given warnings to use phones and other services made by the Huawei.

In response to Wall Street Journal article Huawei expressed its concerns about the US efforts to influnce allies and said, “If a government’s behavior extends beyond its jurisdiction,” it said, “such activity should not be encouraged.”

Huawei has opened a UK center to check its gadgets and devices for security faults, the same center has opened in Germany this month.

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