Apple music subscribers

The company has revealed a new app which will allow Apple Music Subscribers to look back at their favorite music of the year and other streaming videos. The app is developed by NoiseHub and it is called “Music Year in Review,” the main purpose of the app to give Apple Music customers their own set of streaming glimpses of 2018.

Apple music in review app is more like Spotify’s “Wrapped” which allows you to find out things like your most-played artists and songs, top genres, minutes streamed, new music discoveries and more from the past year. The streaming service could deliver you insights through a flashy, personalized website. It also gathers top 100 songs from the year, adds it into the playlist and creates your own library.

“For the past few years, we’ve been working on a social music app called NoiseHub. During that time, as we made mistakes, we iterated slowly,” explains Music Year in Review app’s creator, Samir Shekhawat. “This application is still internal – it’s been a side project for years – but when we heard about Spotify’s 2018 Wrapped, we decided to take a brief break on NoiseHub and dedicate a weekend during finals week to create an Apple Music Year in Review,”

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Though For Apple music subscribers it has not been an easy way to get this data, and until yet Apple doesn’t offer personalized, annual review feature like Spotify wrapped app. The Music year in review app may become the part of NoiseHub in the near future if the teams decide to work on the project. Apple Music in review app is free to download from Apple play store, also there has been a few reports regarding the app crash in the review section while for many of the subscribers it works fine.