April 15th, 2019 the trial date set by the federal judge for Qualcomm’s lawsuit against Apple. It is the Apple’s lawyers who have dismissed any possibility of a settlement outside the court and thus the case has been taken to trial. Qualcomm wanted a date somewhere in February, but the district judge Gonzalo Curiel has set the date of April, keeping in view the severity of the situation as both giants failed to reach a settlement.

“Both sides have been unable to reach a settlement in the case in which Qualcomm accused Apple of sharing proprietary code with rival chipmaker, Intel”. says The San Diego Union-Tribune.

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Qualcomm and Apple already started 2017 on wrong footing as Apple sued the chipmakers over withheld funds in January 2017. This latest lawsuit came in September in which Apple was accused of stealing the tech from Qualcomm and providing it to their rivals, Intel.

what will be the effect of this rivalry on our tech gadgets is yet to be seen, however, it will be found out after April whether Apple actually did it or not.

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