Apple zero sign

At the start of 2018, Apple TV zero sign-on was the big new feature of the company alongside with Dolby Atmos support, the cable provider charter spectrum was the first to offer it on Apple TV. When tvOS 12 came in September and went without Charter Spectrum’s app on any of the features which were set to launch with it.


Apple Insider first notices that the Apple site was updated by removing a sentence about the app and coming feature later this year. Although, the feature may require Spectrum subscribers to go into the Accounts menu present in the tvOS Settings app and unlink/sign out of their TV provider then sign back in again, according to Gadget Whore. 

In case it works, a new splash screen will pop-up which let users know they will automatically sign in whenever they’re connected to their home Wi-Fi network. Apple TV zero sign-on feature allows people to get their both TV and internet access all from the same company which to be logged into tvOS apps with minimum effort.

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On the other hand, Spectrum is also planning to launch a live TV app to take benefit of zero sign-on, which effectively turns an Apple TV into a cable box, but that now it seems like it will arrive in 2019 instead of 2018 as promised. Earlier this week, Apple TV 4K page says the app is coming soon, the previous speculation mentioned that it will arrive in December but now it seems like we have to wait for next year for the arrival of this feature.

However, Zero sign-on announced by Apple during its WWDC 2018 keynote to easy the process of logging into cable TV apps rather than remembering the password and username. The new system will be able to detect your connection with the cable provider’s broadband network and sign you in automatically. Previously, Apple worked to simplify the process with Single Sign-On which share your login credentials between the Apple devices.