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Chinese Government has been putting pressure on all Automakers and citizens to adopt hybrid and electric vehicles to reduce the country’s pollution levels. But most of these new vehicles have been tracking the location of the drivers and according to a new report from The Associated PressA number of Government officials and representatives ask Electric Automakers to gain access to this data.

More than 200 manufacturer includes both Foreign and National send the data to “government-backed monitoring centers,” according to the report, including one called “The Shanghai Electric Vehicle Public Data Collecting, Monitoring, and Research Center” and another called the “National Big Data Alliance of New Energy Vehicles.”

Chinese Government told AP that this data includes the real-time location of cars, “dozens of other data points” which is gathered to “improve public safety” and “facilitate industrial development and infrastructure planning.” The officials said the data will also be used in the prevention of fraud in the government’s subsidy program for new electric vehicles.

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The parent company of Mercedes-Benz Daimler claims that the company shares data with the Government because it is necessary but the customers are “comprehensively informed” on how it is operated. Volkswagen gives the same explanation but also said that the customers have to agree to the data-sharing agreement. A representative of NIO which is an EV startup program based in China said: “with the local rules and regulations of the markets we are doing business in.”

Previously, The Chinese Government was involved in a program that requires new cars to be equipped with trackable RFID chips, Plus this new Policy of location tracing raised questions for Automakers. Ford refused to Comment as well as Nissan, BMW, and Tesla declined the requests for a comment.

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