Dell, the computer manufacturer shares returned to the NYSE publicly traded, marking a first price of $ 46 per title on Friday. At the close, company shares went up to 0.83 US dollars, or 1.86%.

In 2013, CEOs Michael Dell and Silver Lake teamed up to privatize the firm with a $ 24.4 billion buyout, setting the biggest deal since the 2008 financial crisis. In October 2015, the company announced the possession of EMC, a global data storage company, for $67 billion. EMC has a number of companies, including the well-known virtual machine manufacturer VMWare.

After a solid period during which revenues rose and losses fell, Dell felt the time was ripe to return to the stock market. In addition to its strong PC business, technology also improved in the areas of enterprise computing and cloud computing after taking control of EMC.

Dell owns an 81% stake in VMware and issued a DVMT stake in 2016 to fund its $67 billion acquisition of EMC. Under the terms of the deal, Dell spent $23.9 billion in cash and stock to buy out DVMT shares held by shareholders, which are dedicated to tracking the shares of Dell, a software company owned by Dell.

On the other hand, coinciding with it’s return to Wall Street, it was reported in a press release that on November 9 they detected and interrupted an illegal activity on its system that wanted to dig out information from customers referring to names, email addresses and passwords.

“Although it is possible that some information was taken from the their network, our investigations did not find conclusive evidence in this regard,” the corporation said, stressing that sensitive data such as credit card numbers were not exactly the matter to attack, which had no impact on it’s products and services.

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Dell won the chance to return to the open market in a shareholder vote this month, and more than 61% of non-associated shareholders in Dell’s tracking stock DVMT voted in support of repurchasing. Data shows that Dell’s share of the global PC market this year is 17%, behind opponents HP and Lenovo, which share 23% and 21% respectively.

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