A new high-tech bracelet, “HopeBand” could help doctors detect the warning signs of life-threatening analgesic reactions caused by overdoses of opioids. As we know opioids is causing major health problems in the United States. A group of Carnegie Mellon University students has developed this band to counter this problem.

The HopeBand flashes, sounds an alarm, and sends a warning message indicating the wearer’s spot when it detects low levels of oxygen in the blood via pulse oximetry sensors, which work by shining the pulse. LED light through the skin and identifying the absorption of light. The unit will monitor low oxygen levels for 10 seconds before the alarm sounds.

Also, with this high-tech bracelet, a health professional can administer a medication to stop the overdose before it’s too late. Unlike other medical devices, the HopeBand of Carnegie Mellon University students is an economical portable device that tracks the health of people on the move. With the support of Pinney Associates, a pharmaceutical consulting company, students advanced with a watch-like solution that uses pulse oximetry as an overdose detector.

“Imagine a friend who constantly monitors the signs of overdose; someone who understands your usage pattern and knows when to contact [someone] for help and make sure you get help, “IEEE Rashmi Kalkunte, software engineering student at the IEEE Carnegie Mellon University.”That’s what HopeBand is for.”

Although the HopeBand may be capable for overdoses, the team still needs to ensure if the device can identify the warning signs on real people. Despite this challenge, the team used simulated inputs to test HopeBand and the results were positive.

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According to IEEE Spectrum, after testing the team plans to hand out HopeBand without any charge to opioid users via local needle exchange programs. If this stage of circulation succeeds, the team could start selling a profitable version of HopeBand between $ 16 and $ 20 in the future.