The international Consumer Electric Show (CES) will start in January, but LG has already revealed LG new Soundbars which are made in collaboration with Meridian Audio. The SL10YG, SL9YG, and SL8YG that features both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X and built-in Google Assistant functionality.

With the help of built-in Google assistant, Lg new soundbar speakers will act as smart speakers which will allow you to control all these three speakers using voice commands, ask to raise the volume, identify the playing song, or cue up your favorite playlist. Also, the soundbars should not be lacking in audio quality because of their collaboration with Meridian which will improve sound-enhancing technologies including Bass & Space, Image Elevation and Meridian Upmix for converting stereo content to multichannel.

The soundbars include only front channels but you can also buy an add-on Wireless Rear Speaker Kit for more variety. Having Google Assistant means you can use the soundbar as a smart home hub, controlling the products just by giving commands like Wi-Fi-connected lights and blinds without getting up.

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Coming to the design, the Soundbars are pretty moderate as they are sleek and unobtrusive, and look ready to fade into the background in your living room. Although, the SL9 model features a built-in gyroscope which LG claims to gauges the position of the product which is fixed to a wall or on a flat surface and adjusts the sound output accordingly.

For the consumers, who want more base can augment the trio with LG’s wireless rear speaker kit. Moreover, there is no information on Pricing and availibilty of the LG soundbars, but soon Lg will showcase the new sound bars at CES in January 2019 so brace yourself for the most exciting event at the start of next year.

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