Nike just confirmed that the cheaper HyperAdapt is on its way, and more toes will be able to “go back to the future” next year. Very pleasant news to people full of laziness.

The earliest appearance of these shoes was actually in the movie “Back to the Future 2”. The Nike Mag sneakers at the foot of the protagonist not only have a sci-fi-like design, but also have the function of automatically tightening the laces.

As early in 2011, Nike had limited editions of Mag without automatic shoelaces. In addition to not automatically tying the laces, the other details of the shoes are exactly the same as in the movie. It was not until 4 years later that the complete body Nike Mag jumped out of the movie and became a reality. Unfortunately the company has sold 89 pairs worldwide. At the time, the pair of Nike Mag also sold a price of HK$810,000 in Hong Kong.

Nike Mag, which is hard to buy with money, can only be a dream for lovers. However, two years ago, Nike also launched a pair of sneakers equipped with HyperAdapt technology, which can automatically tie the shoelace. Although the above HyperAdapt 1.0 has been more “civilian” than Nike Mag, the price is still as high as $720.

But everyone doesn’t have to be disheartened, because the cheaper HyperAdapt is already on the road. In a recent earnings conference call, The company announced that it will launch a pair of basketball shoes prepared with a new generation of HyperAdapt technology in coming year, and the price will be further reduced to $350.

CEO Mark Parker told the news in earnings conference call. He said: “I am pleased to announce that in the New Year, we will launch a new basketball adaptive performance platform for $350. We have smart shoes designed for perfect fit, which is an important step in driving and connecting digital transformation with products.”

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Even though they did not give additional information about the new shoes, but after the official confirmation of Nike, It is to believe that the toe can start to save money, ready to be spur of the moment up next year.