next generation Snapdragon 855

Qualcomm officially unveiled its next-generation Snapdragon 855 yesterday at the Snapdragon Tech Summit. At the two day conference, Qualcomm has talked about all the all the details of the new processor and what features it will going to provide in next flagship phones. This time Qualcomm has focused on some areas which need some improvements like connectivity, the camera, artificial intelligence, entertainment, and more.

Talking about the connectivity, the 855 chipsets will feature Qualcomm’s new X24 modem, not the X50 modem that will enable 5G functionality, it will be optional for the companies who want to offer it. Next Generation Snapdragon 855 will support both fast mmWave and longer-range sub-6GHz 5G networks when it paired with an X50 modem to give devices the full range of 5G support.

“When it’s millimeter wave you’ll get really fast speeds, but if you roam out of that area we want to make sure users with that 5G mod will still get the fastest speeds,” Motorola’s Doug Michau told The Verge.

When it comes to performance Chipmakers of 855 uses 7-nanometer process which will offer will 20 percent more graphics performance thanks to its Adreno 640 GPU. It also has a Hexagon processor that is specifically dedicated to accelerated AI-related tasks.

Coming to the Artificial intelligence, Qualcomm said that 855 will have sizeable improvements to tasks that depends on neural network-assisted software. The Adreno, Kyro, and Hexagon processors all these are capable of working together to power AI tasks and they all collectively made what Qualcomm is calling its fourth generation AI engine.

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Another AI task is that Qualcomm is adding a background blur effect to any photo including those photos also which you have downloaded from the internet by using so-called real-time segmentation algorithms. On the camera side, Qualcomm is offering computational processing for computer Vision-powered portrait modes, AR/VR functions, and more are integrated into the ISP.

It can also do depth sensing at 60 fps, enabling portrait mode previews in real time, and even portrait mode videos with real-time HDR at 4K resolution, which can cut out and blur a background behind a person in real time.

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