Samsung has just announced the launch of a global remote access function for its smart TVs, allowing users to connect to smart TVs at any time, whether they use a computer or a mobile phone. With this function, the user can cast a screen to a small screen to use the display.

In a statement, the brand announced some new features for its TVs in 2019. With the new function Remote Access, it will be possible to interact with phone or computer directly from the TV, without any wire to connect them.

Consumer-oriented functions are mainly used for remote screen casting, as long as connected users can connect smart TVs to control content at any time. Users can also use Remote Access to access the web browser-based Samsung cloud office service, access cloud files, and process documents on TV.

Nowadays, many smart TVs have allowed users to connect PCs, tablets and smartphones with screencasting technology, HDMI and other connection methods. However, Samsung’s Remote Access is still different from our previous connection methods.

Smart TV is equivalent to a large display; Samsung plans to let users in different locations use VMware Horizon for office collaboration and so on. Users can remotely access smart TVs anywhere on the world and process documents on smart TVs, which is more than just amplifying the screen content.

The company said that because it is a project with VMware working with its virtual desktop infrastructure, the new Remote Access feature can be used in all regions of the world. In this regard, Samsung Electronics Senior Vice President Shankar Iyer said:

“Both Samsung and VMware are passionate about helping employees maximize their productivity so that teleworkers have a seamless experience when they access virtual desktops, applications and online services on their favorite Samsung devices, including Samsung Smart TV.”

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The company also explained that it has integrated its proprietary KNOX security technology into remote capabilities around security issues related to wireless connectivity and cloud services.

For now, it is unclear how the new features of Samsung Remote Access will work on TV. However, from Samsung’s official introduction, if you want to use this feature, you may need to install the app on the connected device to use.

As for the specific functions, it may not be known until Samsung officially launches the function in 2019. It is also not clear which models of TVs are supported.

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