Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y will launch in March in 2019, it’s the fifth car which is expected to be a crossover SUV that’s smaller than the Model X. Model Y will launch in the US with almost no competition with premium electric SUV’s from Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche.


A few days ago, Chinese EV startup NIO launched the ES6 which is the second all-electric SUV. It is a small five-seater successor to NIO’s first car, the larger ES8. ES6 is an affordable, approachable version of the ES8, the pricing of this model starts at 358,000 RMB, or $51,000, and that is the price before government subsidies. Talking about features, the base model comes with the 70kWh battery pack that offers 410 km which is about 254 miles of range, or 430 km (267 miles) in performance.

NIO will also sell a version of the ES6 comes with an 84kWh battery pack that will assemble about 480 km with the performance version 510 km (or about 317 miles) of range on a full charge.

“We’re aiming to unveil the Model Y approximately March next year, and then go into production about two years from now,” he said at the company’s most recent annual shareholder meeting. “Maybe a little less than two years, but basically the first half of 2020 for production of Model Y.”

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Now coming to the battery power, Tesla focused more on miles-per-charge in advertising campaigns than battery power. The previous Model 3 covers 260 miles, whereas Model X and Model S can cover 295 and 335 miles respectively. It is not confirmed whether Tesla Model Y will focus on Milage or will be a combination of power and range.

The price of the new car will probably fall between $35,000 and $79,500, the company also have not revealed the timeline for launching the car in China. It is not clear yet where will the company will build the SUV, Elon Musk said that the Vehicle production will start in 2020. But has not announced that if it happens at the Gigafactory in Nevada, or at the Gigafactory that Tesla.