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“The Nex” was One of the most head-turning phones of 2018, launched by Vivo. Now, Vivo’s new version of its flagship smartphone launched which is the follow-up of Nex Dual Display Edition, the phone has a similar design and devotion to eliminate the display notch.

But what’s different: whereas the original Nex had a pop-up selfie camera, Vivo’s new version doesn’t need one at all. That’s because there’s an entire second screen on the back of the phone, with a unique ringed rear camera setup, which includes a 12-megapixel primary camera backed with a 2-megapixel secondary module, and there’s also a third f/1.3 lens paired with a time of flight (TOF) 3D module.

The “Lunar Ring” on the back of the device is very active as well as decorative. The colors can change upon notifications or glow softly to create perfect lights for low-lit selfies. This “funky” feature can also dance along( by changing colors) with your music.

Both displays are OLED panels and enable the in-display fingerprint sensor, but it still doesn’t work across a wider area as we saw with its predecessor, “The Nex”. There’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 10GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage, while the battery has been cut from 4,000mAh to 3,500mAh. The phone supports 10V fast-charging over its USB-C port.

” The TOF 3D camera adds point-to-point distance measuring and secure facial recognition to unlock the rear display and can also used for personalized beautification”.says Vivo.

The company showed off the 3D object-scanning capabilities of its prototype at the Mobile world conference in Shanghai this year. However, it doesn’t shed away its headphones jack, yet.

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During the Nex’s unveiling, the company showed the second display being used as a rear touchpad for gaming. It also demonstrated a “mirror mode” that allowed the photographer and human subject to see how the image was being framed simultaneously. Likewise, you could draw anything on one side, which can be made visible to a person on the other side.

Vivo’s Nex Dual Display Edition is going to be on sale in China on December 29th for almost 5000 yuan, or about $725.However, no date or pricing has so far been announced for its sale outside of China.

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