An Australian professional of cyber security, Troy hunt has unveiled one of the largest mailing leaks of history, which is consist of 773 million e-mails plus more than 21 Million of passwords.

An image exposed on the forum shows that the root folder of the dataset is named Collection #1. This filtration was complied in a gigantic file of MEGA with that name.

He also told that a popular hacking forum is discussing a public dataset on MEGA that has a capacity of more than 87GB. At the moment there is no indication of where the accounts were obtained apperantly it was generated from a random collection of sites where these data have been exposed.

Hunt has compiled more than 12,000 files with 2,700 million entries in which all accounts and exposed passwords appear. In total, it is in GBs and also is available to download online, although if you want to confirm if your email is on the list, you can do it through this website .

Hacks and leaks of user data are a constant in the era of hyper connectivity, but it is not the same as a service like Facebook admits a security breach to expose almost 773 million email accounts without a clear origin or author.

This massive amount of data collected through this information breach happened in long period of time so it is expected that some of the details of the accounts are now outdated. However, it is not even a secret that despite the increased awareness of the danger and security issues, people tend to keep the same passwords and even reuse on various websites.

At the moment, there is not much more to do than check if you are among those affected, because nobody is specified who is responsible for this massive leak of information.

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Many of the accounts had been previously filtered and were already insecure. In situations like these, when there is a gigantic filtering of emails happen, it is suitable to change the password of accounts.

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