Last year Google released Digital wellbeing app which gives you insight about how much you’re using your phone, and in which apps. Apple made a similar feature in iPhone X with Screen time but now there is another option it’s called ActionDash. It is a free app from the developer of Action Launcher and Tweet Lanes.

ActionDash looks like Digital Wellbeing, though, it still misses some key features of Google’s app like the ability to set app usage limits.

“The opportunity to bring Google’s latest features to devices that are unlikely to ever receive them from Google / OEMs / carriers certainly is always appealing to me,” Chris Lacy, the developer behind ActionDash, says in an email, “To be honest, offering such features is not the focus of ActionDash, I’m not trying to recreate Digital Wellbeing verbatim.

Moreover, ActionDash supports some features which Google app does not have. It has some visualizations to the tracked data and gives a daily summary of usage so you can see how much you are addictive to Instagram. There are some ways in which ActionDash is easier to navigate as Digital Wellbeing has more hidden screens.

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It also has a couple of other interesting features, it has a dark mode and the ability to get a daily notification summing up your usage. On the other hand, Wellbeing required you to open the app everytime you have to check the app statistics.

According to developer Chris Lacy, ActionDash promises users to protect the privacy of your usage data that it never sends the data off of the device to the company or to any third parties, until the user specifically chooses to upload backups on services like Google Drive, Dropbox or an SD card. You can download the app free from the Play store while the update is paid which removes ads and offers a few bonus features, like dark mode.

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