Apple has intervened heavily and unprecedented against Facebook, just a few hours from the scandal that has again seen as a protagonist the social network of Zuckerberg, accused of having once again given a price to the privacy of its users, including minors: 20 dollars (in gift card) per month to have full access to all their digital life on the smartphone.

Apple’s reaction was impulsive and also it has blocked the certificates used by Facebook to distribute its business apps on the iPhones and iPads. It was reported that, Facebook ignored the App Store’s guidelines correlated to user privacy and paid users fees to get data from their phones.

According to reports, Facebook paid users $20 to install a VPN on their mechanism to observe their usage routine, which permitted the social network to monitor the online usage of participants from 17 to 35 ages. The Facebook Research iOS application is known as “Social Media Research”. It uses Apple’s Enterprise Developer Certificate to give applications to regular users and successfully provide root access to user devices.

The effect of this move is much more serious, since it not only eternally blocks the famous VPN at the center of the scandal, but stops the social network to start its applications in the experimental phase (such as beta of the various services).

The company stated that Facebook has busted the agreement that controls the program dedicated to companies. This violation involves the immediate revocation of the certificates used for the correct start of the app.

Apple’s statement to AppleInsider suggests:

“Our enterprise developer program is only used to publish applications within the organization. Facebook has been using its membership to publish data collection applications to consumers, which is a clear violation of their agreement with Apple.”

“For any developer who uses an enterprise certificate to publish an application to a consumer, their certificate will be revoked, which is what we do to protect users and their data in this situation.”

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The two companies have been pierced several times over the last few months because of the subject of privacy, so it was expected to see a strong reaction from Cupertino on this scandal, since the house of Apple does not want any association with a notorious issue.

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