Casper who is one of the leading Online Mattress makers is now expanding beyond just bedding and making its first Gadget called the Glow. It is a smartphone-controlled bedside light has joined the line of mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and sheets. The company has never made this kind of interconnected hardware device.

The Chief Strategy Officer Neil Parikh explained glow as part of Casper mission to improve sleep. The device operates on battery and so is portable which even lets you use it as a flashlight when you wake up in the middle of the night. It charges using a wire base station which sits plugged into your bedside table.

The Glow was designed in the same way as Apple night shift mode is developed on iOS and macOS. There is gesture control for turning the light on by flipping it from one end to another, rotating it will start a 45-minute shutdown sequence in which the Glow steadily goes from bright, warm light to a dimmer, redder light before shutting off entirely.

The product is launching today and available at $89 for one unit and $169 for a pair. The diming process can be manually handled through the Glow accompanying app, by shaking the light you can also activate the Glow at its lowest light setting, for when you wanted to go to the bathroom or get a glass of water.

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More importantly, the device can also set to wake you up in the morning with brighter light. On the specs side, the light can last days with a single battery charge. It is five inches tall and three inches wide, slightly smaller than a second-generation Amazon Echo speaker. The Glow emits light via a high-efficiency LED at 2,700K, which is on the lower end of the color temperature scale, and it ensures that it can move between red, yellow, orange, and white light.

The goal of the company is to make your mood for sleep without any harsh blue or white lights. The Glow seems to fit in company’s all manner of mid- and high-range bedding products like linen sheets, Merino wool duvets, and a $75 pillow.

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