the biggest tech show

As we know that CES is just around the corner, the biggest tech show of the year brings you many gadgets and devices. Also, you will witness plenty of improvements to existing services and products like PCs and smart home devices. We expect to see more folding phones, lots of devices equipped with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Here is a brief Sneak peek of what we are expecting to see at the CES event 2019:



We are going to witness some revolutionary changes in this year’s PCs as most of the companies have adopted Intel’s latest processors, Nvidia’s latest GPUs, and probably some AMD. Last year trend was small bezels but this year it won’t be near somewhere as you will see some refinements that would make your computer nicer and better to use.

It could also happen that the laptop industry probably starts to manufacture 5G capable laptops to go with the wave of 5G smartphones, that will release this year.


From many years, Games has become one of the main focus of CES whereas the console industry has chosen E3 to reveal its products. This year you can expect Nvidia to reveal some information on the chip front of RTX graphics for laptops. Other companies like Acer, Alienware, Asus, Razer, and others might reveal something or at least show us some new hardware designs, we might see some news from Google and Microsoft on the software front too.

Automotive, entertaining and Intelligent Cars: 

As we all know Automotive or Self-driving cars have become really important, Car stuff now includes full haul and several keynotes. However, Automakers have invested more in tech breakthroughs and the consumer electronics side. At the CES we will probably witness AR heads-up displays and small transport products including Delivery Robots.

This year we will not probably see any major innovation but some of the big automakers will be there to show their latest car model like Audi and Mercedes-Benz, which will bring their new all-electric SUVs. Hyundai is bringing some new product along with many small electric rideable like those e-scooters announced last year.


Earlier, DJI launched the $99 toy Tello drone in collaboration with startup Ryze. The last release of a Chinese company the Osmo Pocket which is not entirely a drone but a handheld gimbal that shoots 4K video. A couple of other drone products will showcase at the biggest tech show which is also named CES 2019 Innovation Awards honorees, including Yuneec’s Mantis Q, released last August and a new single-handed flight controller called FT Aviator designed by NASA astronaut Scott Parazynski.

On the other hand, you will see a couple of underwater drones include Navatics’ MITO equipped with a 4K camera and advanced stabilization, Sublue is also giving a prototype of its Nano underwater drone.


At the biggest tech show, we might see a handful of 5G sets along with Foldable phones, we also get a closer look at the final version of Royale’s handset. 2018 was not a good year for the Smartphones as most of the companies tried to bring newness because of the ongoing competition between the Smartphone giants. Apart from this, Foldable phones are going to be a big thing at the event. Many Smartphone makers have planned to show their product, Alongside you will also see Phones with displays on both the back and front as well as the successor to 2018 notch the hole-punch camera.

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Smarter Homes: 

Smart Home products were the highlight of last year’s show, but this year may be 5G steals the show. Smart home products are coming with full preparations From door locks to cameras to microwave to wall clocks. CES has played an important part in showing the Echo, Alexa, and Assistant devices at the event. Alongside we will witness some small appliances like countertop ovens and crockpots.

Probably see increased integration of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa incorporated in the production of smart doorbells or smart locks, as both the companies have already indulged in making of the smart speaker and smart display categories. Smart speakers have also gained many features and now become easier to use.