As we have proceeded in 2019 CES event is going to take place in the coming week, No doubt it is the largest Consumers electronic show. It, of course, gives you a preview of new technology which will come in this very year. Let’s have a look at the most talked about technology which will going to be showcased at the event.

5G Smartphones: 

The major U.S carriers have announced to bring 5G smartphones in the Market in 2019, this was the big tech story and it will surely be the centerpiece of CES. The Major carriers include Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint.


We will probably be going to witness Cheaper VR headsets in the coming time like standalone headsets à la the Oculus Go. Whereas most of the companies are interested in Augmented reality, the future of AR is two-sided and the developers wanted to strengthen existing smartphones and tablets, using ARKit/ARCore. But a number of VR and AR headsets have been already launched in the market.


As we all know Automotive or Self-driving cars have become really important, Car stuff now includes full haul and several keynotes. However, Automakers have invested more in tech breakthroughs and the consumer electronics side. At the CES we will probably witness AR heads-up displays and small transport products including Delivery Robots.

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At the event, we might see a handful of 5G sets along with Foldable phones, we also get a closer look at the final version of Royale’s handset. 2018 was not a good year for the Smartphones as most of the companies tried to bring newness because of the ongoing competition between the Smartphone giants.

Smart Homes: 

Smart Home products were the highlight of last year’s show, but this year may be 5G steals the show. Smart home products are coming with full preparations From door locks to cameras to microwave to wall clocks. CES has played an important part in showing the Echo, Alexa, and Assistant devices at the event.

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