Google confirmed to several media today that it will no longer develop and sell Chromecast Audio device. As company said that because of the changing features of the product, the Chromecast Audio product has been discontinued after a new round of adjustments, but the music and podcast services enjoyed by existing users are not affected.

Google’s Chromecast audio, a small CD that lets you wirelessly transfer music to nearly any cheap speaker, even creating a multi-room audio configuration, just like a poor Sonos setup, just plug in a 3.5mm line Output and add some power using micro-USB.

Chromecast Audio has Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to stream audio. It looks and works like a standard Google Chromecast, except that it transmits audio only via a spur line instead of an HDMI connection. The device was first used in 2015.

From then, it has released a number of smart speakers, including Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Home Max and Google Home Hub. It’s a disappointment for many users that Google stopped using dongle today.

The company gave the following statement regarding this to  Android Police,

“Our product portfolio continues to evolve, and now we have a variety of products for users to enjoy audio. Therefore, we stopped making Chromecast Audio products. We’ll continue to help Chromecast audio devices so users can continue to enjoy their music, podcasts, and more.” The company said.

Google doesn’t have any other cheap substitute to do the same thing as Amazon did which makes it even more tragic. Although the Amazon Echo Dot is generally sold for $30, it has a 3.5mm line output, so it can play audio and agree to your voice assistant commands, while the typical price match for the Google Home Mini does not.

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The positive news is that the stocks are still present at smaller retailers. Users can still find Chromecast audio when they shut down today, also the price $15 is fairly charged.