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One of the most famous social networks without a doubt is Instagram. Regardless of the Instagram’s boom, it does not have features that can be used on Facebook and Twitter. But now, it has implemented a new update just to not stay behind the other social networks. Instagram has applied the option to publish on accounts controlled by one person for all its iOS users.


Nowadays it is not rare to have several accounts on the same social network. Some of us may have a personal account, another professional, for website and also in which we have no relationship, to publish what we want anonymously. To avoid this difficulty, it is Instagram’s (owned by Facebook) turn, to launch this new functionality.

This new function also intends to be very useful for companies, influencers who have an account for their an extra account in addition to theirs, saving them the time of having to share the same image or video on both.

The feature saves you the need to switch accounts and re-release. This should be extremely convenient for people who have mixed accounts and have a trading account as reported by TechCrunch.

When creating a publication in a usual way, the selection appears in the lower part of where we write the text that accompanies the photo or video. As for sharing in other networks, you just have to make sure the tab of the other accounts to share the same publication.

We only have to activate those in which we want the post to be published. When we press “Share”, the same image will be posted automatically in the selected accounts.

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So far it has not been reported if the will also be available later on Android. But this function will begin to reach all users from today, currently only in iOS.