LG flagship TV lineup

As CES event is only a week away, LG has announced its flagship lineup for 2019. The leading range of this year are the first 8K TVs the 88-inch Z9 OLED and 75-inch SM99 LCD. It comes with four times enhanced resolution power of 4K displays or you can say 16 times more than HD displays. The entire LG flagship TV lineup comes with Alexa support at launch in addition to Google Assistant.

They are also the first one to have the latest HDMI standard, version 2.1, and high frame rate (HFR) for better rendering of sports, documentaries, and action films. LG has come up with Six different TV ranges in which four of them Z9, W9, E9, and C9 are OLEDs, while the SM9X and SM8X are LCDs. All of the OLED versions and the single 8K LCD will be powered by the second generation of LG’s Alpha 9 processing chip, equipped with AI which the company claims to adjust the brightness and set Audio based on TV content and surroundings.

LG Flagship TV lineup is not the first 8K TVs to come in the market, Samsung has earlier launched Samsung’s 85-inch Q900R. But LG is the first one to bring HDMI 2.1 support out of the box as the old HDMI 2.0 version standard limits 8K signals to just 30fps while version 2.1 increases this to a maximum range of 60.

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You have to wait for a little because outside of tests in Japan the availability of 8K material is very limited just as same as the high frame rate 120fps videos. Presently, most of the content has 30fps or under, it even goes to 60fps but that’s an exception case.

Although LG has not mentioned any information on the rollable OLED TV concept that LG showed off last year, it was first shown at CES 2018 along with a prototype of its flagship 8K TV. The company has not provided any detail on pricing and availability but don’t expect that it will come cheap because the 77-inch model of the LG flagship W7 OLED cost $14,999.99 when it released last year.

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