1TB storage chips

Samsung announced soon they will start offering world’s first 1TB storage chips for phone manufacturers with mass production of chips is under process. Samsung new mobile tech innovation could make the need to slip microSD card in your phone to boost the internal memory.

To have one terabyte 1TB of space on your phones means this is twice the maximum storage which we are seeing on several expensive smartphones and what we expect our laptops or computer have. It also means that phone will be able to have one terabyte of storage with a single flash memory chip.

Samsung memory marketing VP Cheol Choi explained that 1TB eUFS is expected to play an important role in bringing note-book like experiance to the next generation of mobile devices. Moreover, it is the same size package as Samsung’s previous 512GB unit and has read speeds of up to 1,000 megabytes a second that’s 10 times the speed of a typical microSD card, according to the company.

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“The 1TB eUFS is expected to play a critical role in bringing a more notebook-like user experience to the next generation of mobile devices,” said Cheol Choi, “What’s more, Samsung is committed to assuring the most reliable supply chain and adequate production quantities to support the timely launches of upcoming flagship smartphones in accelerating growth of the global mobile market.”

It suggests that the next line of high-end smartphones could have acquired with these chips. We would not be surprised to see 1TB storage chips making its debut in the Galaxy S10, which is expected to arrive in February. Last year, Samsung promoted Galaxy Note 9 as “1 terabyte ready,” but that’s only if you insert a 512GB microSD card. At that time it was considered the highest capacity currently available into the 512GB model.


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