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Bing search engine by Microsoft is now available in China, after facing blockage in tuning up. On this matter it is in talks that the Chinese government ordered local Internet service providers to block Microsoft’s Web searcher “Bing” purposely.

Many sources claim that the Bing search engine is now inaccessible in China. According to tests conducted by several media including the Reuters news agency or the BBC, tried to access the Chinese version of Bing within China, which forward to a page explaining that the server is not accessible.

When users tried to open, the message “Cannot access this website” appeared.  While the mobile phone opens the Bing App and the search box home page also appeares, but when the input keywords are entered the result is jumped back on the same message again.

The company formally announced that its search engine Bing has been blocked in China these days.

“We confirm that Bing is currently inaccessible” in the country, in a statement released on Wednesday, January 23.

Microsoft said without specifying whether it was a technical difficulty or more likely a blockage implemented by the Chinese authorities.

The Chinese Cyberspace Administration, which regulates, censors, monitors and controls the Internet in the country, has not responded to questions from international media on this subject.

Regardless of its position, China is always very cautious about the freedom on the internet. People have always seen their interactions with the rest of the world particularly limited.

Since, Google’s extraction from the Chinese market in 2010, Bing is originally the only remaining foreign search engine company in the market. Also, the obstacle Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging service has faced in 2017 in China, now Microsoft is the most recent US technology company blocked by the country.

The country has applied a gigantic firewall that blocks thousands of foreign websites. Among them are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Skype.

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Microsoft said that it is investigating the circumstances. The site is still available for successful landing outside of China.

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