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Sony corporation who is the biggest maker of camera chips used in Smartphones, they have planned to boost up their production of next-generation Visual processing chips with 3D sensors after receiving the interest from customers including Apple Inc, both for Smartphones, professional DSLR, and Mirrorless cameras. Last Week Speaking with Bloomberg, Sony’s sensor division boss Satoshi Yoshihara talked about the company’s plan.

He said Sony has increased the production of chips to power front and rear 3D cameras in late summer, because of the increased demand from Smartphone manufacturers. Moreover, the Face ID approach first brought by Apple on the iPhone X and other companies like Xiaomi, Huawei, and Vivo then later applied this technology. The 3D sensors work by projecting a grid of invisible dots like structure and also to detect the user’s face by the deformations of that grid in 3D space.

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Sony 3D sensor will deploy laser pulses just like the bat’s echolocation which creates a depth map of its area by measuring the how long would the wave take to bounce back. Sony sensor chief claims that this procedure gives us a more detailed image of User’s faces, plus it works as far as five meters.

The Japanese company purchased a Belgian outfit called SoftKinetic, which then renamed to Sony DepthSensing after a few years. Now a website has given to Sony for this entire category with autonomous cars, drones, robotics, head-mounted displays. In 2017, a report came that Apple is working on exact visual processing chips with 3D laser-based system for the 2019 iPhone. Sony would probably apply its 3D sensors technology but they have already given the imaging sensors to Apple.

If this report is true then we might see next coming models of iPhones featuring Sony’s upgraded 3D-sensing chip.

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