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Spotify is planning to release an in-car Music player with voice control commands later this year, according to some sources which told The Financial Times. Earlier, the company had teased this type of product with pop-up screens in the Spotify app seen by some Customers but now today’s news confirmed it.

Times says the Device is priced around $100, there are more details on how the device would work. As the rumors said the add-ons would include preset buttons that take you directly to playlists so you could play your morning track with just a quick press. Also, it will sync with the car stereos through Bluetooth much like a smartphone and include buttons so you can preset to compatible with your favorite playlists.

The device will support voice commands as those have offered in the Spotify mobile app. But other hardware features like storage capacity and LTE cellular connectivity will offer by the device or not is still unknown. Having a Spotify music player in the car is more convenient rather than connecting your phone with Bluetooth or attaching it with AUX cable.

Both Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto are configured to play Spotify, not every person has the access to the in-car music software from Apple and Google. However, Spotify has designed a device for Bluetooth-compatible stereo systems which gives it a much wider potential and provide support for more vehicles.

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It would be more interesting if the Spotify will bundle this in-car music player with Spotify music service and it might be possible the company is already working on this idea. Spotify previous announcements of the in-car product suggested it will be offered as part of a new monthly subscription and it might require a 12-month commitment.

Also, earlier this week, Spotify rolled out a simplified Car View mode for its Android app which can automatically be activated when connected to a vehicle Bluetooth system. Anyhow the company has not commented yet on this news.

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