SteelSeries has remained one of the biggest names when it comes to phone controllers, they have now announced a new controller named the Stratus Duo. It is designed mainly to swap between two platforms Android and PC, adding Wi-Fi for better desktop connectivity, improved triggers, and a rechargeable battery.

The aim is that players would be able to connect 2.4GHz wireless connection to play games on Windows PCs. Then with a flip of a switch, swap over to Bluetooth to play on something like an Android phone, an Oculus Go, or Samsung Gear VR headset. Now forget about the inconvenience of a touchscreen while playing more advanced games, you don’t have to install any software or any additional set up requirements, just connect this controller and go.

Apart from the improved internals, the new Stratus Duo is very similar to SteelSeries’ Apple TV controller, the Nimbus, but with a slightly tweaked design. Battery life is also improved going down to roughly 20 hours on the Stratus Duo from 40 hours on the Stratus XL. The stratus duo can also work while charging so it should not be an issue for you.

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On the PC side, the controller can work with Steam so gamers can play thousands of controller-enabled Steam games. One thing which might disappoint you is that SteelSeries has chosen to continue using Micro USB for charging. It does not make any sense as most of the companies are improvising their technology.

Along with the controller, the company is releasing a new accessory called the SmartGrip. It will feature an adjustable phone mount that can attach on top of the new controller to hold your phone while you play. The price of the SmartGrip will only be $9.99 when it comes out, and the price of the controller is $59.99 through SteelSeries, You can also order it on Amazon.

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