With major companies like Google starting to test it’s transmission of games in the mass market. And now it’s up to Verizon Gaming, the new project that the US operator is working on to offer us PC games on our Android devices.

According to report, the Alpha testing has just started for Verizon Gaming. It will be the new Verizon works platform that would provide users with the ability to stream games to smartphones and other devices, with the service confirmed as running on Nvidia Shield and to run on Android smartphones.

For now it is being tested on NVIDIA Shield devices and the company has recruited players to test the more than 135 titles available in the NVIDIA Shield catalog featuring games as tall as FIFA 2019, Fortnite or Far Cry.

Apparently, Verizon streaming gaming service is based on Utomik, a company specializing in the transmission of games in the cloud and is functioning to make Verizon Gaming a reality. The first test phase will end at the end of January, while Verizon will keep on working on its project for a few more months.

While the details of this project are still very early, since Verizon has not announced or begun to show this project completely yet, the move towards streaming games should still make Verizon a strong player in the growing market.

The most prominent figure at the moment is Google with Project Stream, which used Assassin Creed Odyssey to demonstrate the technology behind it during the past few weeks. Also, it is reported that Amazon is also investigating the market with its own platform for the transmission of games in the future.

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The best thing is that the idea of Verizon Gaming is that we can end up playing in streaming using our smartphones, so as not to need a desktop computer to try and enjoy triple A games. For now we only have to cross our fingers and wait for this Game streaming service launch globally.

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