Whirlpool smart oven

Whirlpool smart oven concept uses Augmented reality to show you where to place your food to cook it perfectly. Whirlpool has already made few announcements at the CES 2019 but today they have revealed the first-ever smart countertop oven it is called Whirlpool Connected Hub Wall Oven, courtesy of W Labs. The Smart oven can identify food and then select the right temperature and algorithms to cook them to perfection.


The AR aspect of the oven makes it a bit unique among the Smart oven category. The oven has a 27-inch transparent LCD display on its front door, which has a function to select a recipe. Once you have chosen the required category, the screen will tell you to gather the necessary ingredients then display where to place food on the racks.

There is also a camera inside so you can see what’s going on with a companion app, a smart food thermometer, and of course cooking status notifications as well. Whirlpool Smart oven even has a scan-to-cook tech which will be installed into select frozen foods. Moreover, the oven features voice activation courtesy of Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa so you can command it to set the timer or change the temperature.

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One thing to be mentioned here, Whirlpool’s transparent screen does not look impressive here. Despite being transparent, the display portrays more grayish color but it couldn’t be designed with a higher pixel density or more vibrant colors. But don’t worry it is just a concept and there is not even a release date yet or any estimate of availability for the oven.

WLabs says that they would likely to take feedback from users before they can proceed to the final version. Along with this new Smart Oven whirlpool also announced Yummly Pro, a more premium level of its current Yummly cooking platform. The pro version provides you step-by-step video instructions from celebrity chefs, such as Carla Hall, Richard Bl, is and Jet Tila.