Surpasses windows 7

Windows 10 arrived in 2015 at that time the company said that they planned to install Windows 10 on one billion devices by 2018. The installs have increased over time and in May it reached almost 700 million devices which make Windows 10 the most popular desktop OS in the world and finally surpasses windows 7 in the market according to Net Applications.

If we look at the statistics Windows 10 secured 39.22 percent of desktop OS market share in December 2018 compared to 36.9 percent and Surpasses Windows 7. The figure is taken by Microsoft in three and a half years it also shows how popular was Windows 7 since its release and rules the market for over 10 years. Despite the free upgrade offers and malware tactics to move its users to the newest OS as windows 7 occupied the largest market share because of its popularity among the enterprise users.

Windows 10 is now running on more than 700 billion devices including PCs, tablets, phones, and even Xbox One consoles. However, Companies were receiving notices that Microsoft would be discontinuing the support for Windows 7 by 2020. Like before, Microsoft then offers an extended support offer for windows 7 but it will include a monthly fee which obviously the company would not approve in any way.

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Customers who still runs Windows 7 after 2020 without a paid support subscription will eventually receive security risks, bugs, and other issues which would be difficult to overcome. If we look at the past operating system the approx numbers of the computers which would be still running on Windows 7 will be quite high, which is 36 percent.

As per the report of Net market share, In December, Windows 10’s worldwide market share increased by 1.08 percent to 39.22 percent, while Windows 7’s declined by 1.99 percent to 36.90 percent. Mac OS X 10.14 sits in third place with 4.73 percent, and Windows XP is fourth with 4.54 percent.

The past operating system which remained used by Consumers and other companies after their expiration date include Windows XP, which had come in at 29 percent. 88

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