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Over time, Amazon has continuously faced severe backlash for its Facial rekognition software. Apparently, it has not stopped the company from testing out facial recognition program on its sellers. On Wednesday, a person in Vietnam claims that while creating a Seller profile the company induced him to grant access to Amazon to his webcam and provide a clip of his face.

Later, the individual said that he does not want to go for the company’s offer but he did not have any choice and that after complying he would not be able to locate the video in his profile. In a screenshot of the Amazon’s action, the person was told to provide Amazon with access to his webcam so that they can record a 5-second video of your face, which Amazon said would be encrypted.

According to the report:

Amazon declined to explain why or when it began asking some sellers for video proof of identity, in what regions it requests that proof, and what it does with the seller videos it records. The Seattle-based tech giant also would not say if the videos are processed by its Rekognition facial recognition technology if a seller can remove video proof of identity from Amazon’s servers, and whether or not it has updated its seller agreements and privacy policies to address the collection and storage of biometric data.

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It seems like the company wants to create multiple sellers accounts which the company does not allow. As per the company’s policy, they require several forms of identification to create a seller account. Last week, Amazon own guarantee about the tech was undermined by rekognition law enforcement customer.

“We always experiment with new ways to verify the information sellers provide us in order to protect our store from bad actors. Seller identification information is securely stored and used only for identify verification” An Amazon spokesperson told TechObserver in a statement by email

It is not clear whether Amazon is using Facial recognition program for sellers verification, it is also said that the company is using video clips of people faces for unknown purposes.

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