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Amazon has a plan to change its shipment method, The giant e-commerce which ship millions of parcels a year to its customers’ homes, announced that it has set itself the goal of making half of all shipments are free of carbon emissions by 2030 . They have called it “Shipment Zero” program and plans to publish its carbon footprints for the first time this year.

According to the Seattle Company, Amazon plan of so-called “Zero Shipment” project is feasible and credit goes to the improvements that can be made through electric vehicles, aviation biofuels, reusable packaging and renewable energy.

“We plan to share the carbon footprint of the entire Amazon company, along with related objectives and programs, later this year,” said in the press release.

They also said “This follows an extensive project over the past two years to develop an advanced scientific model to carefully map our carbon footprint to provide our commercial teams with detailed information that will help them identify ways to reduce carbon use in their businesses.”

Currently, Amazon has several sustainability programs, such as Frustration-Free Packaging and Additional Packaging Exempt (SIOC), the company said. Additionally, it has its own network of solar and wind farms, as well as solar energy in the roofs of its centers and investments in the so-called circular economy.

Finally, the firm explained that among its employees there are more than 200 scientists, engineers and product designers dedicated to developing new ways to take benefit of the scale of Amazon for the “good of the clients and of the planet”.

Amazon is not the only technology expert with sustainability goals. Apple and Google already support 100% renewable sources of energy from their data centers, offices and stores worldwide, while Microsoft is committed to reducing its operational carbon emissions by 75% by 2030.

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Also, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and other large companies that generate abundant waste have announced similar plans, with hopes of attracting consumers concerned about the environment.

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