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A popular series on Kjellberg’s channel a show Felix “PewDiePie” basically a Meme review where the host gives commentary on Memes. They have recently invited Tesla CEO Elon Musk to one of his most important customer bases directly YouTube. At the Meme review Musk pokes fun at himself with Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland who has co-hosted the last third of Kjellberg’s latest episode.

Their time was spent reviewing the Memes including Musk, making fun at his obsession related to Artificial intelligence, and drawing on his love for electric vehicles. The purpose of Musk’s appearance was not to promote the Vehicles but to become approachable to people both within the YouTube creator community and their millions of viewers.

Musk appearance the show comes as the analysts expressed their concerns about the Model 3’s demand. Because it seems to be slowing as Tesla is ramping up the production as per the Jeff Schuster, a senior vice president at the forecasting firm LMC Automotive. He told the Associated Press that demand for Tesla’s lower-priced Model 3 has been artificially high.

“The past couple of years, particularly this past year, have been a meme city,” Musk says in the video. “So, I’ve seen a lot of memes.”

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YouTube creators love Tesla are they are the largest market the company can hit into because the people see Model 3s as a status symbol. Majority of the content creators with more than 10 million subscribers own Model 3s themselves. Elon Musk also knows that the content creators are important as Tesla does not advertise, So on contrary, the company has to think of ideas to market its products. However, Creators like Casey Neistat with 10 million subscribers have participated in the referral program.

Ben Sullins who has more than 110,000 subscribers runs a channel only forTesla news commentary and even reviews. He also helped to facilitate over $10 million in Tesla sales because more than 100 people were using its Tesla referral code.

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