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In the light of a new controversy in terms of security Facebook closes the Onavo VPN app on Android from Google Play. Few months ago it was also deleted from iOS, following the various scandals related to user privacy.

Onava was technically an app that promised to restrict other applications to use too much data, protecting those of users behind a protected network. The company has also used it for market research and the code of the same app was also found in Facebook Research, which collected data from teenagers.

The App has permitted Facebook to monitor the time people spend and the mobile data and Wi-Fi they use for each app. Also information on the websites visited and showed the model of the device used. This app has collected the data that then convinced Facebook to buy WhatsApp, one of the largest instant messaging services, even in Asia.

According to TechCrunch, after the end of VPN application and free market research program, its paid research will prolong in other ways. Facebook says it will ensure that users have a clear understanding of the project’s impact on its privacy.

A big loss in terms of market research, as Facebook closes the app on Android, also putting an end to the program Onavo forever:

“Market research helps companies to build better products for people.We are moving our focus on reward-based market research, which means we are about to end the Onavo program.” A spokesperson told TechCrunch.

The social network has been at the center of many controversies. The application notified participants of their activity in exchange for gift cards, by installing an enterprise certificate.

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Facebook will continue to pay users to access their information, but will study a way not to violate the rules of the various platforms.

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