google assistant

Mobile world congress 2019 (MCW) is happening this week, Google has always taken advantage of the event for years and announced modifications and improvements in the Andriod software. But this time the company has another software platform which is becoming important and famous the Google Assistant.

At MCW 2019, Google is announcing some new features which are designed to expand into the developing market and improving the international capabilities of assistant at the event. It includes that more phone will have support for Google assistant button, secondly, the assistant is getting voice typing on KaiOS feature phones, and the support for multiple languages is expanding.

In August, Google announced bilingual support which allows the assistant to recognize and provide responses in two languages. At the start, the feature supports English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and Italian, with Assistant now gaining an additional six: Korean, Hindi, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Dutch.

First of all LG and Nokia are going to be incorporated with Google assistant button on their phones, which all together puts it as a full portfolio of new Android devices. Then later this year Xiaomi, TCL and Vivo will also launch phones with the button. Google said that there will be over 100 million devices with this button. Google is currently working on the responses of the button like single press launches it, and a double-press brings up the Assistant’s daily feed of information.

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Lastly, the long press starts a “walkie talkie” mode though Google is not going to allow remapping of the button. Now coming to the other thing which is KaiOS a feature phone platform which has been picking up a number of things in the market. Last year, Google invested $22 million in the OS and today it is going deeper into the software. Whenever a user saw cursor on the screen they will be able to use the Google Assistant to voice type instead of using T9 to tap out messages.

The company said that most of the KaiOS users prefer to leave the phone’s interface in English even though they spoke a different language, the assistant will still work for voice typing on those phones.