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Google Chrome 73 is scheduled to release next Month which would be the new update for it. It will the first version of Chrome to get official multimedia key support which some user have only on their desk and laptop keyboards. With this new update, users will be able to control both audio and video content played in Chrome, including skipping playlists.

You can experience the changes by installing the new version of Chrome beta from the Google play store. It will available on WindowsmacOS, Chrome OS, and a Linux version coming later on. Precisely it will let you use play/ pause key or volume buttons on your keyboard to control the video playback on your desktop.

According to some reports, the multimedia key support will operate at the Chrome level and not on Tab level. This means you would be able to control media content from your keyboard even when the Chrome is minimized and running in the background. Moreover, the official changelog of 73 beta shows there is also a Media Session API to enable developers along with a technique to control media playback experience and customize interactions for multimedia keys.

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Some reports suggest that there is a dedicated Sync and Google services section works as a unified page to enlist all the options related to the data collected by Google through Chrome. Too, there is an Auto picture in picture mode mainly for progressive web apps (PWAs) on your desktop. Google has provided features like “Enhanced Spell Check” and “Safe browsing extended reporting” when Chrome Sync is enabled.

The browser has the capability to collect anonymous URLs through searches and browsing a better option. Furthermore, a Badging API would also be a part of Chrome 73 which help users with notification badges and indicators on their home screens.


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