Google new Chrome

Google new Chrome extension called Password checkup will automatically check whether your passwords have been stolen in a data breach or not. The tech giant on Tuesday released it and said that it prompts you to change the password immediately in case of any data breach.


Once the extension installed it will check the login details you use, Google says the most US websites are supported against a database of around four billion usernames and passwords and warns you if it finds a match. The data breach could get worse if the users have not changed their password in a while, like in 2008 A collection of 2.2 billion stolen credentials.

Another massive breach Collection #1 had compromised so many passwords that it becomes impossible to know which of yours is safe to use. As a password checkup depends on sending your confidential information to Google. the company emphasizes that it is encrypted and it can not be seen in any way. While Passwords in the database are stored in a hashed and encrypted form and any signs of warning pop up about your details entirely depends upon your machine.

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However, Google is not the only company to offer such service, 1Password’s robust password manager includes Watchtower integration to compare your passwords against Have I Been Pwned’s database of breached credentials. Google new Chrome extension if free to install and also you can use Google built-in password generator to create a new password if your password has been stolen.

Data breach and hacking happens daily and of course, you would not be able to check daily if your account information has been compromised on not. Users considered this a hard time to stay alert on security matters, 69 percent of users said on Google survey that they are best in protecting their accounts yet hardly 32 percent users know what two-step authentication is.

Therefore, Password checkup extension is designed to fill the lop holes of the security by automatically checking and warning people about the data breach.