Huawei Mate X

A few days ago, Samsung has officially revealed its first foldable phone ‘Galaxy fold’. Now recently Huawei Mate X 5G foldable phone leaks have appeared before the official launch of the device, which the company planned to reveal on MCW 2019.

The original source of the leaks is unclear but it posted on Chinese social media under a banner by Twitter user @gimme2pm. The leaks have given us a little sneak peek of the company’s first foldable smartphone. Huawei has been talking about the idea of a foldable phone from many months, therefore, the company promised a full announcement with a brief teaser on its MWC invitation. The leaked banner gives the best look at the phone so far with some clues that it might be called Huawei Mate X.

Not many details are present on the phone but Huawei poster displaying it as the world’s fastest foldable 5G phone. On the other hand, Samsung has just unveiled its own Galaxy fold and might have plans for the future to make a 5G variant. Huawei appears to be taking a different approach than Samsung for its Huawei Mate X foldable phone.

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Samsung is using a new 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display which allows the phone to have a tablet size screen which can be folded to fit into a pocket. The main tablet display is QXGA+ resolution (4.2:3) and when the phone is folded a smaller 4.6-inch HD+ (12:9) display is used for the phone mode. But in Mate X the screen fold outwards to convert the single larger display into a usable screen on both sides of the closed phone.

Samsung also said that all of these gears and locks are hidden back side of the device which helps the Galaxy fold to transform from tablet to phone mode. The device can fold to at least 200,000 times which works out to over 5 years if you fold it 100 times a day. Anyhow, we will get the full details on Huawei Mate X on the press event on Sunday at 2PM Barcelona time / 8AM ET.

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