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LG will not be presenting its collapsible smartphone at WMC 2019. The Korean firm says it’s not his priority. Before embarking on the foldable smartphone market, the manufacturer prefers to let the competition wipe the plaster.

The MWC 2019 will be placed under the sign of the foldable smartphone. A place that will be invested by Huawei, Xiaomi or Samsung and believe to be the official communication of brands.

As Royole impressed people on CES 2019 with their FlexPai. Now Samsung is also expected to present its foldable smartphone on Wednesday. Other brands are working hard on this type of project, such as Huawei or Motorola. The foldable smartphone seems to be the next turning point to stay in the current builders’ race.

Yet, it looks like that this is not everyone’s opinion. LG is abandoning the foldable smartphone and prefers to focus on 5G, for the moment. According to The Korea Times, LG does not rely on the foldable aspect of its smartphones, but prefers to increase their capabilities, including offering a 5G version of its V range and a move to 4G LTE for the G range. These new features will be announced at the MWC , which will begin next Monday in Barcelona.

Korean rival Samsung, the aptly named LG, does not want to rush on technology. The brand who has blown everyone with a roll-up TV at CES does not think that this feat on the smartphone market is a pillar of development that will lead it to conquer new market share.

Brian Kwon, leader of the TV and mobile branches of the consortium, at a conference:

“We looked at the opportunity to release a foldable smartphone when we designed our 5G smartphone, but we decided not to launch. LG’s main concern right now in the smartphone market and regain a comfortable position. Considering this, the foldable smartphone is too much ahead of time for LG. In terms of technology, however, we are ready to draw on the reactions of the general public.”

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He added:

“LG’s main challenge in the smartphone arena is to regain its position in the market. Given this situation, it is too early for LG to launch a foldable smartphone.”

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