E3 2019

Last year at E3 2018 Microsoft announced that they are working on next-gen Xbox consoles, numerous rumors regarding the news were floating around that it may be a series of device ranging from an Xbox One X successor to a streaming box. But it seems like Microsoft plans to discuss its next-gen Xbox lineup at E3 2019, Sony is not going to attend the video game industry expo for this year. 


We will not get the pricing details or the product names but we will get the confirmation about the two devices Microsoft which they are planning to release next year. At the last year’s E3, Microsoft released the next iteration of Halo, to be called Halo Infinite. They also confirmed the rumors about working on the game streaming service for Xbox consoles that would also work across Windows PCs and mobile phones.

The codenames for Microsoft new Xbox consoles “Lockhart” and “Anaconda” which was leaked in Last December, under a new two-console development strategy codenamed “Scarlett.” Microsoft is also going to talk about these devices at the upcoming E3 2019. Anaconda is Xbox one X successor and the new most powerful consoles ever made.

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Some other rumors that the higher-end Anaconda consists of a solid state drive, and the lower-end Lockheart coming in a disc-less variant to compliment xCloud alongside a new disc-to-digital initiative which would let customers transfer over physical libraries. According to some other rumors, the newest Xbox devices will be fully backward compatible with the current generation of hardware.

So now you know this E3 2019 gaming event is going to the company’s biggest opportunity to display next-generation consoles at the event. Moreover, both Microsoft and Sony’s new hardware is expected to launch in 2020 marking seven years of the current generation devices.