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For over a few days we have seen quite a lot of images of foldable phones releasing all over the world. Like Samsung revealed Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s mate X which is also a foldable phone, amid Oppo VP Brian Shen has released the images of Oppo prototype foldable phone. Shen made clear in its Weibo post that the company is not planning to release it yet until they see a lot of users demand.

If we take a deep analysis at the images of Oppo prototype foldable phone we can see that it looks more like Huawei Mate X and has a striking resemblance. Especially with this hinge design and also that camera strip on the back when folded. The company said that it has a large OLED panel which can wrap around both sides of the phone instead of being folded away on the sides.

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There is also a thick bar on one side of the phone which contains cameras and other components. Shen said that the actual plan was to introduce this device at Oppo’s MWC keynote which was two days ago, but the plan was canceled for some reasons. Shen teased that the further proceedings of this device depend upon how many retweets does the post gets.

As we know that Oppo is a leading smartphone company in the global market, it makes sense why the company holds off the launch of its device. Maybe they don’t want to compete with such expensive foldable phones of Samsung and Huawei which are priced around $1,980 and $2,600 respectively. But the company has shown us their latest tech and now we can expect a lot with Chinese Smartphone makers. Xiaomi foldable phone has not revealed at the MCW maybe they will reveal it later this year.


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