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Recently, an update to the Samsung wearable app revealed the whole new lineup of wearable devices which is set to release alongside the Galaxy S10 next week. The leaks were first spotted by SamCentralTech, the Galaxy wearable app for Android previously known as Samsung Gear now displays several new products on the front page including wireless earbuds, a smartwatch, and a fitness band.

It shows a 40-millimeter fitness-focused smartwatch called the Galaxy Watch Active and comes in at least two colors. This watch is the successor of Samsung’s previous fitness sports watches, the Gear Sport which was released almost 18 months ago. Apart from this watch, another name is apparent on the list which is fitness bands called the Galaxy Fit and Fit E. The Fit E name was first appeared in Bluetooth certification listing spotted by The Android Soul last month.

The details of the new wearable devices are displayed in the app which is expected to be released next week at Samsung Galaxy event. The leaks also confirm that the company is bundling the set of its rumored wireless Galaxy earbuds with preorders of the Galaxy S10. As we have the official confirmation from the Federal communications commission (FCC) filing about the new earbuds.

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The FCC filing does include an illustration of the bottom of the charging case. The company has chosen USB-C for that port on the back, not Micro USB. As per some previous leaks from SamMobile, it claimed that the Samsung Galaxy buds would also offer 8GB of onboard storage and improved battery life over previous models.

The image of the device leaked last week which shows that what appeared to be wireless might actually be just earbuds resting on the back of something. It also might be possible that they can only charge wirelessly from the phone.