The developers behind the popular Halide photography app today launched a new app called Spectre which focuses on intelligent long exposure photography. Spectre is designed to modify the ways that we take long exposure images by using some unique machine learning and stabilization techniques.

When you capture a long exposure image from the app, it takes advantage of the intelligent computational shutter to take hundreds of photos just in few seconds. As it takes hundreds of images instead of one continuous shot, you have to hold your phone while you capture long exposure with Spectre. The long exposure is common in DSLR as they can make ordinary night time into something very artistic with the streaks of light from the cars.

Moreover, the app is using AI and computational photography to create enhanced long exposures without visual distractions. It can completely remove the crowd from the scene in case you are photographing places which are packed with tourists. The app automatically detects the evening scenes to produce those light trails and can easily apply motion effect to falling water.

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Normally, this kind of long exposure shot requires a tripod or another stable surface, but Spectre uses image stabilization and its computational shutter to make the process easy. All photos captured by the app will save as Live photos so at the end you can see it as a still photo or see the exposure process from start to end. The app supports 3 to 9 seconds of exposure and the long exposure feature does not work for all type of images.

You can still get a decent photo in most of the scenes because it is simply stitching the photos together. Spectre app can be downloaded from the Apple play store for $1.99, it will be able to work on iPhone 6 whereas the scene detection feature requires iOS 12. AI-based stabilization needs iPhone 8 or later versions.