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For years now, Tesla has a brisk merch business and until now those tesla branded products everything from water bottles and hats to jackets, chargers, and surfboard have sold through the automaker’s own website. But now Tesla has decided to expand its merchandise platform, therefore, opens an Amazon store, as reported by Electrek.

Tesla also confirmed the news on Tuesday, talking about the new Amazon store who has already stocked with a number of different Tesla products, like branded iPhone X cases ($35-$45), hoodies ($70-$75), and Tesla branded surfboard priced at $1,500 sold out in a day. Tesla is also selling 1:18 scale die-cast models of the company’s cars ($250) and a few other accessories like stealth matte black mug nod to MKBHD on the new store.

All of these products are sold through Amazon Prime with the internet retailer taking care of fulfillment. With the passage of time, the company will place more products to the Amazon store and have Amazon take over the fulfillment of other more important products. Moreover, a few products on the Tesla shop requires installation at Tesla service centers that is why those products would not be suitable for Amazon Store, but Tesla has plenty of other vehicle accessories.

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Over the time, Amazon has become a hub for an electric vehicle charging station. The online retailer has hundreds of charging stations for sale many of them are available through Prime. The company even collaborated with to not only sell Home charging stations but also lure buyers with electricians to have the installation. Tesla has contracted with Amazon to deploy more energy storage at distribution centers.

Too, Amazon wants to get its Alexa digital assistant into cars, both with an SDK that automakers can integrate into their infotainment systems along with a dashboard product called Echo Auto.


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