touch ID biometric

Facebook-owned chat service Whatsapp has updated its iOS app with Support for Face ID and Touch ID biometric authentication, It will allow users to lock the app with face ID and touch ID. The update will roll out with their latest build version 2.19.20 of WhatsApp and can be enabled from the app’s Privacy menu within Account Settings.


The new authentication feature has been in the pipeline since last October when the Face ID and Touch ID feature were added to the beta version of the social messaging application for the first time. The new feature will unlock the WhatsApp in the same way Outlook and Signal unlock their app on iPhone.

However, the locking feature does not lock individual Chats, the new biometric security will give you the contents of your message more protection if your phone is already unlocked. WhatsApp claims that they will introduce the Face ID and Touch ID biometric authentication on Android phones in the future. Also, you will have to be careful about the notification settings if you want to secure your app.

The users have to configure the touch ID and Face ID unlock feature on WhatsApp. After the configuration users have to shut down the app and restart it again after that users can authenticate their identity to operate WhatsApp and If the iPhone TouchID fails, users can also log in via passcode.

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When the biometric security feature is enabled on WhatsApp the preview snapshot of the App will go empty and show nothing. Moreover, the fingerprint and Face unlock data remain encrypted in your phone and WhatsApp will not get your security data as it is managed on phone-level access and extraction of this information is not possible.

If you want them turned on then you’ll be able to both see and reply to any messages without having to unlock the app. You can also pick up the calls without unlocking the app first. For the time being, the feature is only available within the iOS version of the app, according to the WAbetainfo.