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YouTube is revising the community guidelines, adding a new system to warn the violation of the channel. This is also the first time YouTube has updated this penalty rule in the past decade.


YouTube announced on February 19, 2019 that “We have revised the method of warning of violations against community guidelines for creators.”

There have been various penalties for creators who commit violations of Community Guidelines on YouTube. The biggest change is that YouTube will launch a new warning measure from February 25. It will issue a “one-time warning” on the first violation of a channel, but will not be penalized

The website has noted three points in revising the Community Guidelines this time. According to them, 98% of users are not breaking Google’s community rules. Even if they break the rules, there are very few planned things.

At the same time, content makers are given chance to learn what dealings lead to such violations. If a new violation is made regardless of being caution then a new 3-strike system will be applied along with a striking warning.

In addition, the creator clearly shows what kind of violation the guidelines are for why, and it seems that the method of requesting reconsideration will be explained at the same time.

So far, dislodge penalties were there such as “Frozen live streaming for 90 days for the first violation, Freeze uploading new movies for two weeks” for the second time.

The new 3 strike system will work out as follows, firstly if a user receive the first warning, the ability to upload all new content, with live streaming and activities on the channel will be suspended for a week.

Upon receiving the second notice within 90 days from the first warning, the function to upload new content to YouTube will be blocked for 2 weeks. Lastly, if they will receive the third warning within 90 days from the second warning, the account will be totally suspended and the channel will be deleted.

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The Community Guidelines page clearly summarizes what kind of content violates it. Note that attention will not be reset even after 90 days.