It seems that most of solutions for Android antivirus detects are real fraud. According to a study published by Austrian firm AV-Comparatives indicates that at least two thirds of the existing antivirus for Android are ineffective and do not work the way they encourage them.


All of us who regularly use the internet know that there is a very fine line between a useful antivirus and a cheat. Unfortunately, it is just as true in the mobile world, where quite serious malwares populate our devices. Especially if we install applications unprotected, waiting for our equipment to be fixed.

According to the study conducted, the applications analyzed up to 250 of these applications and offering us quite alarming results that “we are not well protected”.

When faced with a series of common and known threats, about 10% of applications failed to defend against any of the 2,000 malevolent applications.

“Last year, a third of the security applications we tested did not detect 30 percent of the malicious samples; this year, that proportion has increased to more than two thirds,” said AV-Comparatives CEO Andreas Clementi.

From conversations to photos, personal and work documentation, mobile phones have become the center of our lives. That’s why more and more people choose to protect them, beyond buying an anti-shock case, installing these antivirus applications.

Although the testing process was performed in a secure automated environment, but the process realistically simulated the real-world conditions. The team used Android physical devices instead of an emulator, as well as simulation of realistic device usage patterns to guarantee more accurate results.

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To try to optimize and get the most out of the antivirus, if any security application showed suggestions for additional actions to protect the device or it offered the choices to turn on additional protection functions, all of that were carried out to make it indisputable.